Audrey Ademeyi-Pitt


Sports Massage Therapist

My name is Audrey Adeyemi and I have been interested in massage and natural healing techniques since my teenage years.

I qualified in Holistic Massage, Anatomy & Physiology in 1999 and realised I needed a greater range of techniques to alleviate muscle tension. I Studied Sports & Remedial Massage with The London School of Sports Massage and discovered a more effective range of soft tissue manipulation techniques including Soft Tissue release, Neuromuscular Technique and Muscle Energy Technique.

I started working as a Therapist in 2000 and have since helped to reduce pain in clients who suffer from a range of medical conditions, injuries and musculoskeletal dysfunction including osteoarthritis, sciatica and migraines.

I usually advise clients to stretch safely between massage sessions to prevent muscles returning to their shortened, contracted state. I do also integrate stretches into the massage sessions for clients who do not stretch enough.

Special Interest

  • Helping clients become aware of their postural imbalances.
  • Advising clients on the available tools to help themselves
  • Tips on stretching and strengthening
  • Providing a welcoming and caring environment
  • Ensuring the clients comfort at all times.
  • Supporting clients in becoming pain free


‘Muscle strain and injury are not limited to professional sports people. We are all too familiar with the muscle strain caused by regular keyboard use, regular texting, sitting in one position for long duration, favouring one side to carry heavy bags and from any activity that involves repetitive use of muscles for long periods.

Pain will occur when a muscle is fatigued and overused and is not given an opportunity to return to its normal resting length. Deep tissue massage will break down adhesion that occur in muscle tissue resulting from bad posture or injury and stretch muscles creating improved range of motion in joints. Pain solutions must also include self-remedy techniques and I also advise clients how to keep their aches and pains at bay.’

Personal Interests

I keep fit and healthy which primarily ensures my survival as a Massage Therapist but also enables me to advise clients on how to stay fit and healthy. I love to cook and try to maintain a healthy diet. I have a young Son and I am very interested in how to help him develop as a healthy human being psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I love to dance, watch theatre, and laugh out loud.


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