Chiropody & Podiatry

  • State Registered Chiropodist
  • Fellow of the College of Podiatric Medicine
  • Over 40 years experience
  • Expert in foot related complaints

All major foot conditions helped

  • bunions

  • corns

  • cracked heels

  • verrucas

  • in-growing toenails

  • thickened toe nails

  • discoloured toe nails

  • fungal infections

  • hammer toe

  • claw toe

  • foot ulcers

  • heel pain

  • toe & foot pain

Treatment Experience

  • Genuinely caring practitioner.
  • Years of experience and postgraduate qualifications.
  • Professional and effective solutions.
  • Appointment times to suit your lifestyle.

The Whole Foot

Angela is one of our longest servicing consultants at the Living Centre Clinic and can help in more ways than you think. She also holds the enviable accolade of being a Fellow of the College of Podiatric Medicine.

Angela Bantick, our State Registered Chiropodist comes highly recommended with a massive 40 years of experience. A graduate of the London Foot hospital she is a veteran of all things feet. Trained to know and understand the causes and diagnosis of all foot conditions she is an education to listen to. It is a fact that recurring problems, such as hard skin, calluses etc arise due to poor foot management. Let Angela show and explain how to fix these in a lasting way.  Ongoing foot problems can also throw the rest of the body out, leading to chronic back pain or even headaches. Help is at hand, Angela will professionally and personally leave no stone unturned in delivering the finest treatment anywhere.

Whether you need hard skin removed, or an in-growing toenail fixed she will give her exacting attention in the old fashioned way. For this reason Angela can (and often does) run late – be warned!

As specialist in chiropody and podiatry, Angela routinely deals with a plethora of conditions including: bunions, corns, cracked heels, verrucas, in-growing toenails, thickened toe nails, discoloured toe nails, fungal infections, hammer toe, claw toe, foot ulcers, dropped arches, flat feet,  heel pain, foot pain,  and so much more – just ask.

Treatment Fees

All Visits (up to 1/2 hr)
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Senior Citizen Nail Clipping (up to 1/4 hr)


A reliable worker. Angela is the last of the old professionals, which means she often runs late. She takes great care with my feet.

Mary O'Brien