Life Coaching Plus

  • Stress, anxiety, emotion
  • Phobias, sensitivities, well-being.
  • Personal Development.
  • Public speaking.
  • Leadership & executive coaching.

Make More From Life

Are you experiencing challenges in your life?  Are these associated with your health; your relationships; your family; your career; your money or your spiritual identity?  Has life lost its lustre and are you concerned that this will continue unless you do something, and yet,  you don’t really know what to do?


choosing a treatment

  • Make better decisions
  • Enjoy a better life
  • The confidence to take the next step
  • Your personal coach, guiding you every step of the way

Treatment Experience

  • Genuinely caring practitioner.
  • Years of experience and postgraduate qualifications.
  • Professional and effective solutions.
  • Appointment times to suit your lifestyle.

The Whole Person

Have you had enough and are you now open to other solutions?

Let me help you.  With my extensive training and expertise in NLP Coaching, Timelines, Hypnosis, EFT and Life Alignment Therapy(see below) I can teach you how to understand yourself and how to overcome your problems by introducing you to new strategies you can implement across all areas of your life.

Using a powerful combination of modern psychological tools and ancient philosophical concepts we can bridge the gap between your conscious and unconscious minds so you become your own therapist and equipped with this new paradigm you will choose more empowering beliefs, emotions and behaviours that will have you living the life you desire.

With that in mind, I wonder what you would do, think or feel if you knew you couldn’t fail?  How would you be living your life differently, knowing that to be true for you?  I imagine it would be quite different!

Together we can have you break through any limitations so you begin living a life that satisfies and exhilarates you.


About Me

Ever since I can remember I have been reaching out to help people feel better.  I always wondered how some people created happy selves, and lives, whilst others seemed to struggle.

This conundrum fascinated me so much that I became a diligent student of many disciplines from a variety of teachers who offered diverse ways of finding ‘life’s answers’.  I learned a lot from them and yet understood at an intuitive level that one answer would not be perfect for everyone, all the time.

As I travelled and studied, I created an approach to health and healing called Self Empowering Solutions that convinced me of its effectiveness in putting the individual back in control of their lives.

This was accomplished by teaching them what I have learned and by helping them to construct a toolbox of solutions from that knowledge.  With this, they could understand the workings of their minds (conscious and unconscious); know how to connect to the present moment and learn how to love themselves.

Loving ourselves is very important because when we love someone we will do whatever we have to do to make them happy.  When we feel this way about ourselves we are willing to use this advanced set of tools to make ourselves happy.



Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy & Hypnosis;  Master NLP Coach; Level II Practitioner of EFT; Master Instructor of IET; Usui Reiki Master; Practitioner of Theta Healing; Life Alignment Practitioner

I also work using Matrix Energetics and Quantum Touch healing tools.

My Therapies

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Coaching – a winning combination of two powerful approaches to fulfilment.  NLP gives you the ‘manual for your mind’ and shows you how to manage your emotions and thinking and how to model the behaviours of excellence so you are able to adopt them for your life.  Coaching accompanies you through your current challenges and allows you to explore them and see beyond them to the solutions that already within you

Timelines  :  releases limiting beliefs and negative emotions from your unconscious memory / identity

Hypnosis  : accesses the power of your unconscious mind to release negative behaviours and unsupportive beliefs

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) / Tapping :  a set of tools that is likened to emotional acupuncture which allows you to release addictive behaviours and destructive beliefs

Life Alignment Therapy :  a hands-on healing modality that uses applied kinesiology, pendulum dowsing and coaching to identify the energetic and emotional contributors to your issues; releases them whilst restoring your natural flow of life energy to affect change at a deep level.

Treatment Fees

Fees are personalised
to the client’s treatment programme.

Please call for a FREE assessment to see discover more.


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