Local Charity And Sponsorship

Twice a year we collect donations from our patients towards a local charity, to help local people. The Living Centre Clinic matches these donations pound for pound.

Collections are made February and August each year

Additionally the clinic donates up to £500 of treatment annually to local schools or organisations. If you would like to nominate a cause please fill in the form here.

This Year’s Collection Is For

Age-UK Merton, like all local Age-UK branches is curiously independent of it’s national namesake. They have their own setup, accounts and local activities.

Age-UK Merton assists seniors who may have mobility issues or are suffering from loneliness. They offer a wide range of services chiefly aimed at these two areas. For more information about Age-UK Merton click here.

You can make a personal donation to Age-UK here anytime.

Thank you for reading this page and for your support