What is acupuncture?

The principal aim of acupuncture is to discover the root cause of the condition (according to Chinese Medicine) and address it at each level. Most conditions are a combination of physical, mental and emotional factors and each area needs to be addressed to facilitate a comprehensive change.

For this reason we look at dietary changes, the use of supplements and herbs, physical issues(exercises, posture, breath, injury’s) and the mental and emotional aspects and how they all can influence each other positively or negatively.

Proven Pain Control

Assists in all types of healing (emotional and physical).

True alternative to Western Medicine.

Energy Booster for tiredness.

Deep Relaxation and Well-being Treatments.



Recommended by NICE for:

Persistent lower back pain
Chronic tension-type headaches

May be helpful for:

Chronic pain, such as neck pain
Joint pain
Dental pain
Postoperative pain

Other Common uses (inconclusive evidence)

Postoperative nausea and vomiting
Allergies, including hay fever
Fatigue, including fatigue in cancer patients after chemotherapy
Depression and anxiety
Digestive disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Infertility and menstrual disorders
A dry mouth (xerostomia)

Chinese Philosophy of Qi

Qi flows through certain channels forming a network within the entire body and linking all parts and functions together so that they work as one unit. There are 12 main channels, each connected to an internal organ and named after that organ.

When a person is healthy the Qi moves smoothly through the channels, but if for some reason the flow is blocked or too weak or too strong then illness occurs. The aim of the acupuncturist is to correct the flow of Qi by inserting thin needles into particular points on the channels and so affect a change in a part, or function of the body.


Treatment Experience


Improvement from your first visit (usually)

Take home exercises and instructions

Phone & email support

Choice of male / female osteopath

Early, late & Saturday appointments

X-rays and scans available



In determining the pattern of disharmony, the acupuncturist needs a detailed understanding of the patient’s lifestyle, diet, work, medical history, emotional states etc.

The diagnosis can include discussion, observation and examination. What the physician is looking for is not symptoms in isolation, but rather how they build up to form a whole picture. It then attempts to put together an overall picture of the patient in order to evaluate any patterns of disharmony that have arisen. Health is a state of total harmony between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. Illness, on the other hand, is a disharmony.


The only place that can offer instant relief to pain.

Christine Ashby 
Christine Ashby

Since 1986 I have used Vispi Jamooji and his team to help me with the clinical cases which would not respond to regular medicine. I cannot recommend the Living Centre Clinic enough. Vispi has treated me, he has treated my family and what better testimonial can I offer than that.

Dr A A Nabjiee Alexandra Road Surgery, Wimbledon, London
Dr A A Nabjiee

Vispi is gifted in manipulation. He saw all my orthopaedic patients. My patients were happy, so I was happy too.

Dr Eberhard Menne GP Ham, Surrey
Dr Eberhard Menne


Living Centre Clinic (Raynes Park, Wimbledon)
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Tassia Haylock
Tassia Haylock
I went to the Living Centre Clinic as I was suffering from shoulder and neck pain. I started seeing Vispi and since... then I have seen a massive improvement, not only in this area but my overall body and health, making work and exercise enjoyable again. I would highly recommend the Living Centre Clinic as they can treat such a wide range of problems with excellent knowledge and more
Bill Bessant
Bill Bessant
Suffering from severe back pain that was affecting my working life and mental health I decided to go and see Vispi... Jamooji at the Living Centre Clinic in Raynes Park. He has looked after my mother's back for 25 years and she suggested he could help me. Six months on my back is out of pain, I have changed my diet and life style with the help and guidance of Vispi. To say I feel like a new man is an understatement. I recommend Vispi with all my heart. Thank you more
Ruby Jennings
Ruby Jennings
I couldn’t recommend it more highly. I’ve battled with neck pain for years and after one session with Vispi I have... experienced more relief than ever more
Sarah Martin Coles
Sarah Martin Coles
Wonderfully friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Thorough and thoughtful process of getting to know you and understand... the root cause of the problem. Highly more
Tasha Lapidus
Tasha Lapidus
Vispi Jamooji is the doctor of my sixteen months old son. Vispi sees him periodically from the birth. And the only one... word I want to say is deep "thank you". Vispi is very calm, patient, professional. But what is much more important for me - his method really works. You will see a big difference after just one visit. For me it means that my baby may sleep without crying, that he able to move, that he received the support he need. And every time after the set of visits I found something new from my son: it means Vispi makes his body follow his needs. Thank you! And wish all the best to your more
Ines Pengilly
Ines Pengilly
When I went to Vispi with an old back problem he identified the problem in the first session and explained to me that... he can help me to get over it in the course of 18 months by treating me and advising me with how to exercise and change damaging habits. Through him I developed a better understanding of how my posture and actions have contributed to the problem and how I can avoid it in the future. Last September, 18 months later, my back was and is now better than it has ever been. I would recommend his treatment and expertise to anyone. His treatment and approach was different to any osteopath I have seen before. Thank you very more
India Bowden
India Bowden
The Living Centre Clinic has played an instrumental part of my sons health and wellbeing. I first took him when he was... 4 months old, he is now almost 3 and has wonderful health.We see Vispi and Meg and without them I don’t know what we would have done. They have helped where conventional medicine did not have much to offer us. I love the centre and staff and they always make us feel so welcome. Even though now we have moved down to Sussex we still come every few weeks to The Living Centre Clinic, my husband and myself have even started coming for ourselves as we have seen the benefits first hand. Honestly the best there is!read more
Sergey Kozlov
Sergey Kozlov
Peter Bark
Peter Bark
Charlotte Koureas
Charlotte Koureas
Visby is very calm & professional. My daughter was unsettled & in pain following a traumatic assisted birth, but has... improved after just two sessions. This is partly because of the excellent advice given for continued care at home *****read more
Catherine Kate Diamond
Catherine Kate Diamond
An amazing clinic where you will find help and reassurance from the best in their field. I highly recommend to all my... friends and more
Natalie Diamond
Natalie Diamond
Lezil Bartlett
Lezil Bartlett
I thank my lucky stars that I found the Living Centre Clinic, Vispi Jamooji is a miracle worker! My husband and I call... him 'Mr Magic Hands' as he truly has a gift for healing. He is both professional and personable in how much he cares for his patients and this reasonates across his colleagues and staff who are all so friendly and helpful. I have come to view the Living Centre Clinic as my 2nd family as the support and care is more
Thomas Rossiter
Thomas Rossiter
Sarah Argrave
Sarah Argrave
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