What is the Living Centre Clinic

The Living Centre Clinic is an independently owned clinic comprising of self-employed consultants each running their own clinical services at this address. Therefore each consultant relies on their own personal success and as most of our consultants have been with the clinic for many years, we are sure you will feel in safe and capable hands. The itself clinic is owned and run by Vispi Jamooji who is a full-time practising osteopath at the Living Centre Clinic.


Parking is allowed on the yellow lines between 10am – 4pm for 1 hour. After 4pm unlimited. Pay and display is available at the Waitrose Car-park all day. There is also parking on the side roads.


There are 6 bus routes that service Raynes Park: 57, 131, 152, 163, 200, K5

Medical Insurance

Each consultant has their own relationship with the medical insurance companies. For this reason you are advised to consult with your attending practitioner to see if they are registered to provide services to you under the terms of your policy

Opening times

The Clinic Reception is open from 8.30am – 9.00pm. Within these hours each consultant runs their own timetable.

Do I need to tell/ see my Doctor first?

All treatments are strictly confidential. You do not need your GP’s permission to attend your therapy. However you may wish to let your doctor know so the information is recorded on your medical history card with your GP. Your consultant can write to your doctor on your behalf if you wish.

How many treatments will I need?

You can discuss this with your consultant either at your first visit or on the phone first. An average number of visits for a painful condition is usually three treatments. However for more complicated or long-standing problems it might be more.

Can I book Online

Yes! Click here to book online.

What if I am late for an appointment?

Most of our consultants run back-to-back. This means you are likely to receive a shorter treatment. If this is the case don’t worry, as most of our treatments are dosage related. This means it is still possible to give the same dose of treatment in the shorter time. If this is not the case you will be advised and asked to book a follow-up appointment in the usual way.

Cancellations and missed an appointments

The clinic operates a fair policy notice. This means if we can re-let the appointment (because you have given good notice) we will avoid charging you for the cancelled /missed appointment. However the clinic policy requires you give 24 hours notice for weekday appointments and 48 hours notice for weekend appointments. The cancellation fee is the full fee.

Why is the first treatment a longer appointment?

The first visit is usually longer because a case history needs to be taken. For many of our consultants this is a legal obligation and is set in law for your own protection. We take safety and quality of service very seriously at the Living Centre Clinic. For this reason we need to be certain that there are no underlying conditions causing the problem or coincidentally present.  We are duty bound to make sure we only take on the clinical cases that would respond favourably to our treatments. For this reason most first visit our 60 min long.

How do I communicate with my consultant?

Once you have visited your consultant you will be given the contact details. Some consultants prefer to be contacted via their e-mail or mobile phone for ongoing support. In any event if you are concerned please call the clinic on 0208 946 2331 or send an e-mail to better@LivingCentreClinic.com and we will contact the consultant directly on your behalf if necessary.

Complaints procedure