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A table designed specifically for Back Pain

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Using an advanced spinal-motion treatment table we are able to create natural healing movements (as seen in nature) throughout your spine. These movements gently release pressure on painful areas, including herniated disc, trapped nerves, muscle spasms as well as degenerated spinal joints.

On the treatment table we use a gentle massage-style approach. As the treatment table provides a soft-rocking action to release painful areas, we are able to avoid harsh manipulation (bone cracking). You can relax with 100% confidence whilst you have your treatment with us.

Pain Relief Image

Read our Pain-Relief-Brochure online here

3 Reasons to consider our treatment

1. It’s VERSATILE: We can help free you from many painful conditions, ie acute new pain (new pain); chronic pain (which keeps coming back); and also treatments for re-balancing you when you feel “out of alignment“.

2. It’s FAST: Using our experience of over 30+ years we know how to get to the nub of the problem fast.  We use ‘top of the range’ osteopathy beds. We do not use not the simple up/down beds. This is exclusive in the Wimbledon and surrounding areas ie SW19 & SW20.  The table helps heal back pain and makes it strong again. (See video at top of page please).

3. It’s LASTING: We will teach you how to stop the pain coming back: by understanding exactly what happened to you so you can avoid a recurrence; and you will get exercises sent directly to your phone/pc to make you stronger. We offer life-time telephone/email support once we have seen you. You can also book in for “MOT” treatments, like a booster and a check-up to keep you going. 

Osteopathy Partners – Clinic Team

senior osteopath, Wimbledon

Vispi Jamooji

Senior Partner (Osteopath)
Cranial Osteopath
Pregnancy Osteopath
Paediatric Osteopath
Children Osteopath

Hugo Firth

Clinic Partner (Osteopath)
Sports Osteopath
Deep Tissue Osteopath

Dry Needling Acupuncture

Marta Vacca

Clinic Partner (Osteopath)
Cranial Osteopath
Pregnancy Osteopath

Children Osteopath

Osteopath in Wimbledon

Michael Ma

Clinic Partner (Osteopath)
Cranial Osteopath
Pregnancy Osteopath

Paediatric Osteopath
Children Osteopath

Osteopath at the Living Centre Clinic, Wimbledon

Jennifer Beck

Clinic Partner (Osteopath)
Soft-tissue Osteopath
Pregnancy Osteopath

Dry Needling Acupuncture


Doctor & Patient

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Free Advice

Just need advice ? – We are here to help, not just make a booking.  Ask one of our friendly osteopaths for their guidance as often prevent is better than cure.

Use our online form to ask us any quetion about your health or the health of a friend.

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Suffering From Pain?


Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Slipped Disc

Trapped Nerves

Muscle Pain

A Fresh Approach

If you are suffering from pain, try a fresh approach to pain relief. 100% natural treatments help balance your body’s harmony, providing gentle relief from pain and strains that daily living puts upon you.

If you feel you have been running on empty or can’t shake off your symptoms, try our pain-relief osteopathy team today. 

Fast & Convenient  

  • Improvement from your first visit (usually)
  • Take home exercises and instructions
  • Phone & email support
  • Choice of male / female osteopath
  • Early / late / Saturday appointments
  • X-rays and scans available

Discounted Treatment Fees
We offer discounts on all osteopathic treatments when booked and paid for in advance.

Book and pay for 6 treatments: 10% off the bundle.

See above for undiscounted fees


I have recommended the Living Centre Clinic for osteopathic treatment to my patients with excellent results.
Mr F Johnston, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon, London

Dr F JohnstonNeurosurgeon

As a practicing dentist, my job means I am bending over at the neck and back all day. This extra stress on my spine makes me vulnerable to "Bad Back Days" The Living Centre Clinic keeps me going and able to work. I believe without the treatments I would only be half as productive -so every penny I spend at the Living Centre Clinic is worth it!

Dr A LalaniChronic Back Pain Posture

I am a very enthusiastic tennis player. Tennis means a lot to me and I have been playing it since my childhood. Following an injury I went to see the Living Centre Clinic. My knee got better in days and I started playing tennis again to my great relief.

Vesna CollinsSports Injury Fixed

I suffered from terrible muscle pain and migraines due to a childhood sickness. However, since coming to the Living Centre Clinic, they have drastically reduced. Vispi is truly a miracle worker! Both Vispi Jamooji and his amazing team always make me feel welcome, happy and healthy!

Lezil NelsonMigraines Since Childhood