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Advanced Osteopathic Treatment

Using an advanced spinal-motion treatment table we are able to create natural healing movements (as seen in nature) throughout your spine. These movements gently release pressure on painful areas, including herniated disc, trapped nerves, muscle spasms as well as degenerated spinal joints.

We use a gentle massage-based approach to manipulation, which we believe is more in keeping with your body’s harmony. We also consider the effect of stress & fatigue on your symptoms and know the importance of providing you with space to unwind & time to understand what is going on.


If you are suffering from pain, try a fresh approach to pain relief. 100% natural treatments help balance your body’s harmony, providing gentle relief from pain and strains that daily living puts on you.

If you feel you have been running on empty or can’t shake off your symptoms, try our team today.

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Vispi Jamooji

Senior Osteopath
Cranial Osteopath
Paediatric Osteopath

Osteopath, Wimbledon

Jennifer Beck

Soft-tissue Osteopath
Pregnancy Osteopath

Dry Needling Acupuncture

Robert Ballard

Cranial Osteopath
Paediatric Osteopath
Dry Needling Acupuncture

Hugo Firth

Sports Osteopath
Deep Tissue Osteopath

Dry Needling Acupuncture

Google Reviews

Muhammad Ali
19:48 21 Jul 17
My little one Zak was born premature at 32 weeks, and is a complex child with numerous conditions, such as brain, heart, severe reflux etc.. My boy has spent most his life at the hospital, and been transferred to Evelina children hospital to try and manage his condition. Zak has had almost 9 months in severe pain whenever he wanted to open his bowels and always straining day and night, always crying, not sleeping at night and maybe 15 minutes nap here and there. Due to how Zak was, we tried consulting with several doctors and gastro specialists, but all failed to understand what was wrong and kept blaming the brain for not functioning properly, we probably have spoken to over 60 doctors regarding this issue. One of our family friends recommend us to try cranial osteopath with another clinic, so we used a local clinic to us in Surrey, but they were absolutely no use, and sort of put us off osteopath, but couple of months down the line we decided to try another clinic and came across Living centre clinic, which is about an hour away from us and saw Mr Jamooji, and this was the best thing we could ever do for our son. Mr Jamooji was great, I honestly do not have words for what he did for us. Before we left the clinic, we saw our son smiling after a very long time and slept the whole night for the first time ever. I could not believe this. All specialists and doctors were failing to understand what was happening, and Mr Jamooji managed to tell us exactly what was wrong, and asked if he did the following things at home. We knew at this time that we are dealing with someone very experienced. I normally do not write reviews, but thought I must help out other parents who maybe in the same situation as us and may think they need a hospital specialist for their child. I would also like Mr Jamooji to receive as much business as possible, as what he did for us is out this world. Best cranial osteopath for children in London.read more
Tom Connolly
16:34 09 Feb 17
We recently went to see Vispi Jamooji regarding our new born son who we were extremely worried about. After a quite traumatic birth our son was incredibly unsettled and seemed to be in constant pain. This naturally had a knock on effect with feeding and his sleeping. After speaking to the mid wives, health visitors and doctors everyone was telling us a different story from 'he is hungry' to 'he has colic' or 'reflux' but no one could find a solution to help our little boy. Mr Jamooji had been recommended to us by various friends whose babies he had helped so we were hopeful he could do the same for us. I have to admit that making an appointment was the best thing we ever did. Mr Jamooji was quick to identity that our son had a sore neck and after a series of appointments our son was like a different baby. He taught us ways to hold our son to ensure he was as comfortable as possible and general tips to ensure the work he had done to improve his neck continued after the sessions. We can honestly say he changed our lives. Our son is now 11 weeks old and smiles constantly, and feeds and sleep soo much better. We cannot recommend him enough and are so very grateful for everything he has done for our family. Gemma and Tom Connollyread more
Arwen Matthews
12:20 31 Mar 17
Incredibly professional, expert help from an osteopathy practitioner who is able to be compassionate as well as thorough.
Justin Rudd
12:45 03 Mar 14
I highly recommend this clinic, and have found them to be extremely knowledgeable, very professional, and to provide an outstanding level of care, which promotes rapid healing.I have used them for Osteopathy over a number of years, and find Mr Jamooji to be very gentle, but at the same time extremely effective, with an intuitive knowledge of how the body works.It was a very good sign on my first visit, when he correctly diagnosed what my problem was by my stance as I walked in through the door!I am sure their other services will be of a similar very high quality, and cannot recommend them enough.read more
Bianca Geminiani
20:47 15 Feb 16
I am thrilled to have discovered the Living Centre Clinic and more importantly Vispi Jamooji. I sought out googles help to find me a place close to home to finally sort out the sudden and aggressive pain in my neck and upper back and I am officially starting to feel human again after just 2 sessions of osteopathy with Vispi. Only those who have suffered with neck or back pain will truly understand the gratitude I have for Vispi's 'healing hands'! What makes his treatment just that extra special is his calm presence and his wisdom, I honestly feel like he genuinely cares not only about fixing the ailments of every person that comes to see him but also about their genuine well being in this crazy thing we call life! Thank you Living Centre Clinic keep up the great work.read more

Back Pain Treatment for Wimbledon & Surrounding

  • Improvement from your first visit (usually)
  • Take home exercises and instructions
  • Phone & email support
  • Choice of male / female osteopath
  • Early / late / saturday appointments
  • Xrays and scans available

Approved by Doctors

Our osteopathic treatments in Raynes Park have received testimonials from doctors and consultant surgeons.

Osteopathy is also approved by the NHS for pains arising from muscles, bones, joints, nerves etc.

We are able to work with the medical profession supporting your recovery and can refer for private X-rays, MRI Scans etc.


Competitive Treatment Fees

Our osteopathic fees are modest

From £58 for the first visit (extended visit, 1 hr: history, examination, diagnosis, including treatment)
£49 follow-up visits (30 mins)

First Visit (Extended Appointment)

Vispi Jamooji £78.00 Book Now

Hugo Firth £58.00Book Now

Robert Ballard £58.00Book Now

£78 – Mr Jamooji, 1 Hour Consultation & Treatment
£58  – Team, 1 Hour Consultation & Treatment
(Followup visits only £49 ½ hour)

Regular Treatments (1/2 hour)

Vispi Jamooji – £49.00Book Now

Hugo Firth – £49.00Book Now

Robert Ballard – £49.00Book Now

£49   ½ Hour Treatment

Discounted Treatment Fees
We offer discounts on all osteopathic treatments when booked and paid for in advance.
Our best discount: book 5 treatments get one free (ie 20% – see below).

Book and pay for 4 treatments: 15% off
Book and pay for 6 treatments: 20% off

See above for undiscounted fees


I have recommended the Living Centre Clinic for osteopathic treatment to my patients with excellent results.
Mr F Johnston, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon, London

Dr F JohnstonNeurosurgeon

As a practicing dentist, my job means I am bending over at the neck and back all day. This extra stress on my spine makes me vulnerable to "Bad Back Days" The Living Centre Clinic keeps me going and able to work. I believe without the treatments I would only be half as productive -so every penny I spend at the Living Centre Clinic is worth it!

Dr A LalaniChronic Back Pain Posture

I am a very enthusiastic tennis player. Tennis means a lot to me and I have been playing it since my childhood. Following an injury I went to see the Living Centre Clinic. My knee got better in days and I started playing tennis again to my great relief.

Vesna CollinsSports Injury Fixed

I suffered from terrible muscle pain and migraines due to a childhood sickness. However, since coming to the Living Centre Clinic, they have drastically reduced. Vispi is truly a miracle worker! Both Vispi Jamooji and his amazing team always make me feel welcome, happy and healthy!

Lezil NelsonMigraines Since Childhood