Registered and experienced osteopaths near Isleworth, TW7

Traditional medical treatment will only look at your symptoms rather than the cause of your pain. Our osteopaths, based near Isleworth, Twickenham, or Woodlands, offer a personalised and thorough approach, so we can treat heal, mobilise, and strengthen the area of your body that caused the issue.

Osteopathy aims to restore and maintain optimal body function, well-being, and balance. Our experienced osteopaths can treat a broad range of muscle and joint conditions including offering back pain treatment, foot pain treatment, headache treatment, hip pain treatment, sciatica treatment, slipped disc treatment, shoulder pain treatment, and more.

Our osteopathy appointments will:

  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Improve joint mobility by reducing any restrictions
  • Boost your immune system
  • Reduce recovery or downtime
  • Encourage blood flow and lymphatic drainage
  • Improve muscle tone and performance
  • Break down scar tissue
  • Strengthen ligaments and muscles

Before we begin any treatment plan, we will complete a full assessment, including taking your medical history, so we can ascertain the best treatment plan for you. We can treat patients of all ages from small babies upwards and treatment will depend on the diagnosis, your age, fitness levels, and other criteria. We also provide pregnancy osteopathy.

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Osteopathy and back pain treatment near Twickenham: What do you need to know

Back pain is a common problem for many of us. It is thought that it accounts for 36 per cent of ill health that results in the loss of 3 million working days each year. If you are looking for a back pain treatment in Twickenham, Isleworth, or Lampton that is drug-free and non-invasive, we can help.

The most common types of issues our osteopaths see are often related to lower back pain. Reasons for this can include sitting at a desk all day without getting up and moving about, falling over, overstretching or tearing a muscle or ligament during sport or exercise, or lifting something heavy in the wrong way. Symptoms may include muscle spasms, tightness, or pain.

Our osteopaths use a combination of techniques including myofascial release and manipulation of muscles to relieve pain and improve range of movement. We also have a specialist rehab gym on-site where you can boost rehabilitation and our osteopaths will make lifestyle recommendations on how to prevent pain in the future.

Osteopathy in New Malden

We also cover the following areas

  • Lampton
  • Syon Park
  • Woodlands
  • Twickenham

Local osteopathy for pain relief

TW7 shoulder pain treatment

Shoulders are the body’s most flexible joint and shoulder injuries are common. If you are looking for shoulder pain treatment in Isleworth, our practitioners can diagnose your issue and get help. We can look at how your lifestyle may be contributing to your pain, so you can prevent or manage it more effectively.

Common causes of shoulder pain include sports injuries, sleep in different positions, frozen shoulder, strain from repetitive activities, and other reasons. Pain can be generalised or more specific and come on suddenly or gradually. It is important to address any shoulder issues, so they do not cause complications with your back or neck muscles.

We will look at the root cause of your shoulder pain and help to rehabilitate the whole area. Changes such as improving the way you sit, taking regular breaks from your computer, and ensuring your workstation is ergonomically optimised can help to prevent pain. See our blog on office chair exercises.

Isleworth sciatica pain treatment

Sciatica is an extremely common complaint that can be very painful and disturb your everyday life and make simple tasks hard to perform. Osteopathy is a common recommendation by doctors for patients looking for relief and most cases will improve quickly after treatment. See our testimonials.

Here at Living Centre Clinic, we provide a holistic approach to health and we offer a range of treatments, including massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, and other treatments. We have both female and male osteopaths and our osteopaths Wimbledon are open during the evenings and on weekends.

To book a neck pain treatment or osteopathy for other conditions in Isleworth, get in touch

For osteopathy consultations near Isleworth call Living Centre Clinic now. We can be reached on 020 8946 2331 or email

Back Pain Relief. Take Home Help.

Just a small sample from our library of 100s of
professionally created exercise videos.

Sample Advice Sheet
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Let our specialists help relieve your pain

Your osteopath has access to 100s of exercise videos and advice sheets just like these. Your exercises are personalised, unique to every patient.  These are delivered to your computer, tablet or smart-phone and yours to keep.  We try to empower you to help yourself, so these benefits last long after you have been discharged.


Vispi was very warm, gentle and thorough – he put me at my ease, listened carefully, assessed and diagnosed quickly, gave me helpful management suggestions straight away, and didn’t push on me more treatment than I wanted or needed. 1 Oct 2020

Helen Smith 
Helen Smith

My baby son (who had a very quick delivery) cried pretty much continuously for the first 4 weeks of his life (in between extensive and voracious feeding). I was told that he had reflux but mothers’ instinct steered me toward finding other answers and treatment.
I had heard about the benefits of cranial osteopathy and thankfully found myself and my son under the care of Vispi. His treatment was gentle and non-evasive but the effect on my son was immediate and dramatic. After only a couple of sessions he could be on his back without crying, his feeding regulated, his sleeping improved and his little clenched fists began to unfurl. I would recommend Vispi to any new mum (and often do).

Laura Thomas 
Laura Thomas

This is the most welcoming and healing place you could wish for.

Helle Savage 
Helle Savage


Living Centre Clinic
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Kirsten Richter
Kirsten Richter
09:34 12 Jun 21
I highly recommend Mr Vispi Jamooji , he is a very knowledgeable Osteopath ,he is considerate, listening and... understanding problems and giving the correct treatmentread more
Ann Dolphin
Ann Dolphin
12:31 01 May 21
I have been extremely satisfied with the treatments I’ve had at the Living Centre. Magda Oliveria for massages and... Marta Vacca for osteopathy have provided excellent treatments. They do this with professionalism and consideration for their more
Simon Burgess
Simon Burgess
10:19 28 Apr 21
I initially went to see Marta (osteopath) with a specific back injury, and have continued to see her for two years now... with other ailments and general screenings. Her ability to diagnose subtle issues you didn't know were there, work quickly to resolve them, and provide effective exercises is incredibly impressive!read more
Siobhan Roberts
Siobhan Roberts
13:15 30 Mar 21
I woke up in a great deal of pain and in desperation I booked a Sports Massage with Magda, it was definitely the right... decision. Not only was the massage excellent but the care and kindness she showed me was just wonderful. In her professional opinion, she felt that I needed osteopathic treatment and took the time to speak to her colleague, Mr Jamooji, about my case. She went the extra mile for me and I shall definitely be returning to see her again. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you more
Natasha Barber Videographer London
Natasha Barber Videographer London
10:12 21 Jan 21
Ive been having a bad back and neck for years and years. Jen helped me yesterday get on the road to healing my problem... and Im amazed by her expertise and abilities. I feel very happy and confident that with her help I will sort my back problems out for good. She recommended exercises that I didnt know would help, identified the root of the problem and so I understand more clearly how I can help my body and get the core strength I need to alleviate my back issues. Thank you so much, worth every penny! Edit to this review... several months later my back and neck are so much better. Finally getting back to normal with my health (!:read more
Mandy G
Mandy G
20:17 05 Jan 21
We affectionately call Vispi the “baby whisperer”. He’s been able to connect the dots between what happened to our... babies during their birth, and what’s happening to babies post-birth (feeding issues / discomfort / reflux symptoms etc). He really understands babies and hence knows how to treat them to improve their pain / symptoms / discomfort. We’ve had brilliant results with 2x children and couldn’t recommend Vispi, and his team, more
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
16:34 11 Dec 20
My transformational breath session with Jonathan was excellent - it definitely exceeded my expectations.
11:30 08 Dec 20
I cannot recommend Mr Jamooji highly enough. No other Osteopath comes even close to his expertise or experience. I... have seen a large number of Osteopaths as well as other healthcare professionals since i started suffering from chronic back pain 15+ years ago. My back was in such bad shape that I was advised by 3 separate top consultants that I absolutely required surgery. Mr Jamooji is the best Osteopath that I have come across and helpe me to avoid surgery but also to get back to more
Joanna Drezek
Joanna Drezek
12:42 30 Nov 20
Excellent service from Mr Jamooji!Very professional and friendly.I cannot recommend him highly enough!
nina kosciolek
nina kosciolek
12:05 15 Oct 20
I had the most wonderful massage from Magda on a very gloomy day. My shoulders were aching and it was drizzling.... However, after my massage I felt fantastic. Calming music was playing in the background and a pleasantly warm room, resulting in a calming atmosphere which took all my cares and worries away along with my aching shoulders! I can certainly recommend Magda for a professional and friendly approach who will provide the best massage. A guaranteed feel good factor. Thank you more
A Google User
A Google User
11:14 16 Sep 20
Vispi Jamooji is very kind and I always feel safe asking him to treat my back. He is always very thorough and... understanding. I would and have recommended him to anyone struggling with back or other joint more
Lucie Oliver
Lucie Oliver
15:23 15 Jan 20
I can highly recommend Magda, she has done a fantastic massage treatment for me. I will definitely be back.
Stephen Harcombe
Stephen Harcombe
16:25 17 Dec 19
Our little boy is now 8 months and has been seeing Mr Jamooji since he was roughly 5 months old. There were various... concerns we had, a lot of crying, sickness/reflux, caesarean birth. Mr Jamooji has incredible knowledge of babies and why they may be uncomfortable which when explained is fascinating to begin to understand. Happy to say our little one is thriving and Mr Jamooji's work has been a tremendous help in his being a happy, energetic little boy. I would thoroughly recommend parents to take their little ones for a more
innert security
innert security
16:41 10 Oct 19
I've got ongoing problem with my spine for years and since i start using osteopath treatment i nearly forgot about my... problem, therefore i would like highly recommend Marta Vacca who really help me out!For general relax and stress relieve massage I would recommend Magda Oliveira. Both girls are extremely friendly and they really know what they doing! Would highly recommend them!read more
arrif lalani
arrif lalani
18:44 11 Aug 19
Great osteopath. Was training for the ride 100 and had a persistent pain in my back. Tried a physio, chiropractic... clinic local to me but no joy. 2 visits to Mr Jamooji and my back problem resolved. He really got to the source of the pain quickly, told me what to do at home and fixed me up so that i left the clinic feeling taller and pain free. How do you thank someone that does that for you? Amazing hands. Very professional. A great place to get more
Sinead Meehan
Sinead Meehan
11:44 07 Aug 19
I had been suffering with shoulder and arm pain for some time, which was impacting my work and personal life and having... tried many physiotherapists, I could not find any relief. A friend recommended Vispi and from the very beginning I knew I was on the right path. He listened with great kindness and compassion, gave very sound and practical advice and his treatments made a difference from the very start reducing the pain and discomfort substantially and allowing me to return to normal. And months later, when my back decided to act up, again I knew I was in safe hands. Vispi is much more than a great osteopath, he truly wants you to improve and is incredibly positive and motivated to get you back to your normal way of life. I cannot recommend him highly more
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