Associate 6 Treatment Followup: Pre-pay Package



Associate - 6 Followup Treatments, Osteopathy Pre-Pay Package.

Includes 10% discount on 6 followup treatments (ie after your initial first visit)
Price before discount £414.
Price after discount £372.60 - that's £62.10 per visit (instead of £69).

*Any unused treatment can be rolled over for a booster, check-up appointment at a later date, or transferred to another person.
*All cancellations require FULL 24 hour notice
*For further information please contact Ann, or call 02089462331 extension 3

– Discounted treatments are offered on the basis of a bulk purchase of 3 or 6 treatment bundle.
– If a request for unused monies is made, any treatments already taken, will be charged at the un-discounted rate.
– After these costs have been deducted, any monies remaining will be returned.

  • Note: we recommend to preserve the benefit of the discount you keep unused credits on your account. These can be used at a later date (ie a check-up, booster, “MOT Treatment”), or donated to a family or friend by contacting us.

– Osteopathy Cancellations: Full 24 hour notice.
– Massage Cancellations: Full 48 hour notice.

  • Note: know sometimes a late notice cancellation may be unavoidable. In these cases if we are able to fill the appointment slot, we would not normally charge.

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