What to Expect at an Osteopathy Treatment

We want you to be fully satisfied with your treatment. We thought it might be a good idea to let you know what to expect when you visit.

1. Please arrive at the appointment time, not before. There is a sign with your osteopath’s name on the front door, telling you which buzzer to press. Your osteopath will let you in when you press the buzzer. Please take a seat.

2. On your first visit you can say why you are visiting us and what outcome you are after. During this meeting will try and find out how it started, when it started, what makes it better or worse and what help you have had so far.

3. Following this you will also be asked about your medical history. This includes any previous illness, accident, operation, scan, investigation etc. To be able to treat you safely, it is a medico-legal requirement that we undertake health screening. You may not feel the questions are relevant to your condition, but it is important to answer these questions as fully as possible. There are medical conditions that can affect your treatment with us, and some of our treatments can affect your medical condition, including the possibility of injury. We need to know about these to protect you.

4. During your examination you may be asked to undress to your underclothes either partly or fully. You may use a swimsuit if you prefer. We do ask that ladies avoid attending in their sports bras, as this often covers the upper back spine and the base of the neck. A regular bra would be preferred, if possible please. It also allows easier access to these areas, specially when treating neck/shoulder pain or low back pain.

5. Your osteopath will explain what they think is the issue, how we hope to fix this, and what your role is in your own care. This is an important part of the consultation. We encourage you to ask questions if anything is not clear.

6. Should you agree to go ahead with your treatment your osteopath will keep you continually informed with what they are doing, so that you understand what is happening and what you can expect.

7. We are keen for you to keep overall control of your treatment. This means that for whatever reason you are free to decline treatment at any point, even if you previously agreed to it. Please discuss this with your osteopath stating what your concerns are and if appropriate what alternative ways there are to manage your treatment. Throughout your treatment programme we encourage you to ask questions, to learn more about the process of healing. If you have not understood any answer, please ask your osteopath to re-phrase it in a way you can understand. We believe engaged patients have better outcomes.

8. You are free to attend with a chaperone if you wish.

9. Treatments of minors (ie under 18) a biological parent or a parent with legal parental responsibilities to give consent, ie consent cannot be legally given by a stepparent or carer. However there are some exceptions for 16 and 17 year old children where parental consent is not required, provided the child demonstrates Gillick competence.

10. On your return visit(s) you will have a chance to explain how you are progressing with your recovery. This is your chance to discuss any new thoughts you may have. Please remember many conditions can affect recovery. These can include, posture, activity and emotional events. We encourage you to discuss these with your osteopath if you are not progressing at the expected rate.

11. Treatment Length: please note, each treatment visit is made up of a (i)discussion/review of your progress, (ii)examination, (iii)the hands-on treatment, (iv)advice/exercises and (v)time for your osteopath to write up your case-notes. These must all be completed within the appointment time. This means hands-on treatment will usually be less than the booked slot, usually 30 minutes.

12. After you leave the treatment room, you will receive an automated email from your osteopath. It will contain a link to book your next appointment and a link to contact your osteopath for out-of-hours support.

For information about the clinic itself listen here https://www.livingcentreclinic.com/first-visit-info 

If you wish to contact me, please use better@livingcentreclinic.com
Vispi Jamooji,
Consultant Osteopath and Clinic Director