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Discover the benefits of therapeutic massage


Why People Take Regular Massages
We are trying so hard to be good parents, colleagues, leaders, children, and friends that we often feel pressured all the time. Massage therapy plays vital part of all ultimate rest and restoration plans which focus on work-life balance.

The Benefits of  Massage Therapy Are Countless
One of the most important benefits of massage according to medical research, is that the stress hormone cortisol drops up to 53% after massage therapy! High levels of cortisol are linked to many health problems including fertility challenges.

•    Massage treatment works its magic by soothing nervous tension, initiating a wave of deep inner peace which creates the space to think, the calmness to unwind or power to energise.
•    For many massage is helpful in restoring bedtime bliss – you might sleep better.
•    Improved concentration can increase your productivity and bring clearer thinking on many levels.
•    Massage therapy helps to bring water retention down, and reduce the puffiness of the eyes.
•    You may notice an improvement in your hair and skin condition.

Also, other proven benefits, after just one hour of massage include

– Improved posture- muscles can be lengthened and softened.
– Slower and deeper breathing helps to bring stress hormones levels down, which counts immensely in bringing self-healing mechanism of your body to action.
–Increases your flexibility and range of movement.  Aches and pain are not that irritating.
– Massage stimulates peristalsis resulting in improved digestion and it can aid in the relief of constipation and/or diarrhoea .
– Speeds up circulation which helps to nourish tissues making the delivery of oxygen more efficient.
– During a massage your immune system is being stimulated, lymphocytes travel more efficiently to fight potential infections, waste products are disposed of more quickly- which means a dramatic improvement in your lymph flow with every massage.

A six -week course of massage therapy can help you to feel better on all levels

Magda Oliveira, BA, MA, ITEC, VTCT
Massage Therapist
Meditation Instructor