• Soothing, gentle cranial osteopathy.
  • For head, neck, jaw, face and more.
  • Balances mind with body.
  • Harmony for natural rhythm.
  • Proven, gentle and relaxing.

Sacro-cranial treatment

Gentleness For Wellness

Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle treatment which uses exceptionally small movements.  It harmonises with your body’s natural rhythm, gently releasing locked-in tension and blockages. This treatment is particularly suited to sensitive persons which makes it ideal for children and adults alike.


Cranial Osteopathy

Helpful for

• Headaches

• Jaw pain  • Face Pain

• Migraine Prevention

• Neck Pain • Arm Pain

• Relaxation • Body Balancing

Cranial Osteopathy

  • Improvement from your first visit (usually)
  • Take home exercises and instructions
  • Phone & email support
  • Choice of male / female osteopath
  • Early / late / saturday appointments
  • Xrays and scans available
  • AxaPPP / BUPA etc, registered specialists

What Happens In a Treatment

Treatments are performed in a calm quiet room. A light touch is applied to special areas on the head (cranium) and the patient may experience a deeply relaxing sensation passing not only through the head, but in many cases down the body. Cranial Osteopathy can be applied to any area of the body so it may be applied to the sacrum (near the tailbone), which also forms part of your treatment. This is also known as sacro-cranial treatment.


Can Cranial Osteopathy Help Me?


Cranial Osteopathy when combined with regular osteopathic technique, provides best of both worlds allowing both healing and relaxation at the same time.

It can be used to help jaw and face pain, neck pain, certain types of headaches as well as help in migraine prevention. Cranial treatments are also well known in managing nerve and muscle pain, including pins and needles and muscle spasms. Uniquely, these together make cranial osteopathy effective for neck and shoulder problems arising from poor posture (ie PC, sitting or driving postures) and / or emotional, anxiety or stress causes. If you feel ‘out of true’ and in need of re-balancing, cranial osteopathy may provide a gentle solution.


Treatment Fees


I had been worn down by chronic headaches for 20 years before trying Osteopathy. Vispi took time to understand my problems before gently but expertly releasing my neck and shoulders. The treatment has markedly improved the severity and frequency of my headaches. It has been wonderful. I would recommend that if you suffer with chronic, tension type headaches to give osteopathy a try.

Louise Hill

My husband and I call Vispi "Mr Magic Hands". He has treated each of us, my husband and my new born baby and we recommend him and the clinic wholeheartedly. The reception staff are really kind and always help me find an appointment, sometimes at short notice. His cranial treatments are the best!

Lezil Nelson

Vispi Jamooji was recommended to me by a leading Neurologist following months of debilitating migraines. He helped not only rid me of daily headaches but in a few treatments helped my neck and shoulder problems too. Vispi's technical application of osteopathy with his knowledge of anatomy, physiology and human psychology means his holistic approach to treating the human body is second to none but what really makes his treatments special is his professional, kind, compassionate and caring nature. You feel you really are in trustworthy hands and I have not hesitated to recommend Vispi to many others."

Liz Hoe