Fertility Acupuncture

What is Fertility acupuncture?

Pre-conceptual care is a vital part of preparing for pregnancy especially for the woman but also for the man, as it is the combined health of both partners at the time of conception that dictates the health of the child. Depending on the individual’s health, pre-conceptual care should ideally start 6 weeks to 3 months before conception to give the body the best chance to reach its peak state. The aim is to create a healthy, relaxed, flourishing organism, you, which is of course the best environment for life to start in and to continue.

Natural Alternative

Boosts Fertility Health

Treatments for Male and Female Fertility

Chinese Herbs and Supplements

Post Conceptual Care Included


Female fertility acupuncture


Female fertility can be enhanced through the use of Fertility Acupuncture and Herbal medicine if there is difficulty conceiving due for unexplained reasons or due to PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, amenorrhoea or other gynaecological causes. A report published in Fertility & Sterility Journal found the pregnancy rate in the group receiving fertility acupuncture was 42.5% compared with 26.3% in the group that did not.


Male Fertility Acupuncture


The average male sperm count has dropped 45% since 1940. Male infertility is the main cause in up to 40% of in fertile couples. This is a growing health crisis among men. Fertility Acupuncture & herbal medicine for male sub fertility is understood to improve the morphology (shape and structure) and the motility (how they move) of sperm as well as increasing sperm count. When combined with correct nutrition and supplementation great changes may be made in male fertility.

Fertility Acupuncture


Chinese Herbs
Health Supplements
Pre and Post Conceptual Care
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Juliette was brilliant. Very caring and sympathetic. And the treatment she gave me has definitely helped so that I am more positive that my hip pain can be managed.

Keith Rose 
Keith Rose

I have had both of the above treatments with Magda on separate occasions. Both were truly wonderful she is an excellent therapist that connects with her client. It is evident that she has a passion for her therapies and is truly gifted. I have experienced many treatments worldwide and I honestly can say she is one of the best. She is a credit to The Living Centre Clinic ….never let her go ! I will be returning again and again.

Catherine Mulcahy 
Catherine Mulcahy

As a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with over 30 years experience, I recommend Mr Jamooji and his Osteopathic Team in providing effective solutions for painful conditions.

Mr T G Kavanagh St Anthony’s Hospital, North Cheam, Surrey
Mr T G Kavanagh


Living Centre Clinic
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Lucie Oliver
Lucie Oliver
15:23 15 Jan 20
I can highly recommend Magda, she has done a fantastic massage treatment for me. I will definitely be back.
Stephen Harcombe
Stephen Harcombe
16:25 17 Dec 19
Our little boy is now 8 months and has been seeing Mr Jamooji since he was roughly 5 months old. There were various... concerns we had, a lot of crying, sickness/reflux, caesarean birth. Mr Jamooji has incredible knowledge of babies and why they may be uncomfortable which when explained is fascinating to begin to understand. Happy to say our little one is thriving and Mr Jamooji's work has been a tremendous help in his being a happy, energetic little boy. I would thoroughly recommend parents to take their little ones for a visit.read more
innert security
innert security
16:41 10 Oct 19
I've got ongoing problem with my spine for years and since i start using osteopath treatment i nearly forgot about my... problem, therefore i would like highly recommend Marta Vacca who really help me out! For general relax and stress relieve massage I would recommend Magda Oliveira. Both girls are extremely friendly and they really know what they doing! Would highly recommend them!read more
arrif lalani
arrif lalani
18:44 11 Aug 19
Great osteopath. Was training for the ride 100 and had a persistent pain in my back. Tried a physio, chiropractic... clinic local to me but no joy. 2 visits to Mr Jamooji and my back problem resolved. He really got to the source of the pain quickly, told me what to do at home and fixed me up so that i left the clinic feeling taller and pain free. How do you thank someone that does that for you? Amazing hands. Very professional. A great place to get cured.read more
Sinead Meehan
Sinead Meehan
11:44 07 Aug 19
I had been suffering with shoulder and arm pain for some time, which was impacting my work and personal life and having... tried many physiotherapists, I could not find any relief. A friend recommended Vispi and from the very beginning I knew I was on the right path. He listened with great kindness and compassion, gave very sound and practical advice and his treatments made a difference from the very start reducing the pain and discomfort substantially and allowing me to return to normal. And months later, when my back decided to act up, again I knew I was in safe hands. Vispi is much more than a great osteopath, he truly wants you to improve and is incredibly positive and motivated to get you back to your normal way of life. I cannot recommend him highly enough.read more
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