3 Steps To Pain Free

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3 Steps To Pain Free

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Over the years I have found myself saying the same things to patients about how to support their treatment, how to keep pain away and best options for speeding damage repair.

Often it is not what people want to hear. They want to present themselves for a treatment and leave cured. What some people don’t appreciate, is that part of the cure is in their own hands. There is little merit in taking treatment and not following the advice that goes with it.  Until stem cells technology can re-generate damaged tissue, we need to maximise the body’s innate healing capacity.

After 35 years in professional practice, I say healing is an artform, rather than a science. Of course the artform is underpinned by science. For this reason, at least half of the self-healing can be taught to the lay person, ie the science. If the patient fully understands the science, their compliance at following advice is much enhanced.

With the help and support of their osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor, a patient can be fast tracked to achieve the speediest level of healing possible in nature. At our Wimbledon clinic, together with our powerful osteopathic treatment, it forms the bedrock of full and complete healing.

More importantly it also forms the bedrock of staying healthy, reducing further episodes, and recovering faster should it happen again.  For all these reasons it is worth the time and trouble to absorb the text in our PDF eBook and work to act upon it.


“I hope the 3 Steps to Pain Free book provides you with the insight needed to achieve this”.  Vispi Jamooji

Author Note

As humans we do everything to keep going in the face of illness / injury. We try and put the pain out of our minds, we try to carry on, we over rule the pain because we have things to do, we get cheesed off because the pain is interfering with our lives, it stops us doing what we want.

To create the best opportunity for healing the successful healer does the opposite. That means instead of ignoring the pain, they focus on it, to know exactly where it hurts, when it came on, what things make it better and so on.

In principle it’s a little like going to court. The more evidence gathered before the court case, the more likely you are of a successful outcome. It is the same too for healing. The more information you gather about your pain, the better the chances are of healing faster and fuller.


Step 1: Look For Change

There are usually two parts to the cause of pain: the build-up and the final-straw. The build-up can happen for physical, postural or emotion reasons. It can drip feed over time, sometimes the build-up can be well over a year. The last straw is usually when a change arises, a trigger event, that causes tissue failure.

The Build-up
The build-up often relates to something new added into the mix of daily life. It could be starting a new gym class, acquiring a new car or settee, starting daily long commute or drive etc. It could also be, as hinted earlier, stress (at work or home), emotional tension, disharmony playing in to your life, and so on. Sometimes it may be a combination of the two. The key feature here is change. Look for what is new, different, unusual.

The Trigger
Next is to identify the trigger. Sometimes this is easy to identify as it can follow after a certain event, ie the first time you noticed the symptoms. It could be the acute pain arose when you were getting out of the car, twisting in the shower, leaning into the dishwasher or car boot,  after golf, pushing a buggy with your new baby.  This will define the ‘line of weakness’ in the body. For example if lifting a hoover caused the pain, the ‘line of weakness‘ will be in lifting and naturally this will be a problem until you are cured.

On occasions you may be at a loss to recall when exactly the symptoms arose. This is situation is more common than people think. It might be the symptoms just grew and “suddenly” you noticed you were in much more pain but can't recall from when or what. You may well need to have a chat with family or friends, or even seek the help of a professional osteopath, to work out why the pain came on.

In short both of these are important to stop the pain from happening again (ie avoid the situations that cause a build-up) and to stop further damage taking place (ie to avoid doing the actions that stress ‘the line of weakness‘ and so deepen the injury).

Step 2: Avoid Further Damage

Naturally one needs to avoid the situation where the body takes 3 steps forward and the patient takes 2 steps backward.

We all want to carry on our lives and be like we were before the pain hit us. Whilst there are ways of ‘carrying on' whilst healing, overall it is important to keep re-damage to a minimum. The best way is to make a list of all the thing you know cause you pain and avoid doing those actions. Simple eh? However it's one of the biggest obstacles we come across with out patients, that can block healing. A person may know they should not be doing something, but they still do it – a form of cognitive dissonance, that needs to be worked on.

Alternatively there are those who genuinely don’t know they have over done it till a few hours later or the next day. This is where it can get muddled and tricky. So many people fall over here, as they don’t really know if they are doing good things or bad things to their healing cycle. The unknown factor here inflammation, and inflammation can take several hours or overnight to show.

Understanding Inflammation
For example, say ‘today' you are having a lot of pain but you don’t know why it happened. A good tip is to ‘rewind time' in your mind’s eye, back to when the ‘pain was not there'.  Lets say the pain was not there all of ‘last week'. Then it makes sense that whatever happened to cause the pain, must have happened during ‘last week' or even before. 

Once you can think in this way, you can apply it to pain that you may have had for several months, that is not going away and infact is getting worse. Then you may be able to remember in the spring you were good, but since late summer it arose. In this way you can narrow down the time-period and discover what you may have done, or what changes may have taken place in your life. 

By being aware of this process, you give the healing cycle it’s best opportunity to fix the damage, because you know what to stop doing.


Step 3: How To Heal Faster

There are certain things that will put healing into turbo-mode. They are quite simply, early nights to bed, judicious use of ant-inflammatory agents such as cold, cooling rubs and anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen (not paracetamol).

Boosting healing also involves knowing what to do more of, what to do less of, what to avoid altogether, and how to rest in the right way,  for the right length of time.  One can see this is a harder feat to achieve and usually falls within the domain of professional / patient partnership. So reliance on step 1 and 2 is more important for those engaging in self-healing.

Collectively all these steps help reduce unwanted inflammation, reduces muscle spasm, boosts healing particles, improves blood flow and helps reduce nerve sensitivity. It also helps to get you going again, restoring mobility and movement. More details in the PDF Book     


Lastly if all else fails you might consider the following maxim for beating back pain. Back

Too much sitting, too much standing.
Not enough lying, not enough walking.
And don’t skip on sleep!


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In the meantime here are some resources I have prepared for you. I hope you find these helpful in managing your own neck and shoulder pain.

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